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    Our cuisine is a delightful Spanish and Mayan (from the Yucatan Peninsula) fusion in a Latin atmosphere.
    We invite you to check out our authentic flavors with the freshest ingredients!
    Come and see why people fall in love with our mouth-watering Yucatan flavors.
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Mayan Food

You have never tasted anything quite like our authentic Mayan food. Experience the unique taste of the Yucatan at our family restaurant.

Lunch Specials

Does your stomach start to grumble around noon? Pay a visit to our Mayan restaurant and see what we have to offer in lunch specials. We're proud of our excellent assortment of menu options.


Nothing goes better with a filling meal than a nice drink. Our bar restaurant is the perfect spot for customers who like to enjoy life with no worries in the world.

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Take Out

Don't feel like dining in? No need to worry because we provide convenient take out options so that you can eat your food when you want it and where you want it. Call Poc-Chuc Restaurant in San Francisco, CA for take out services today!


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Unmatched in it's arena! Great food, and the restaurant becomes a sort of club on some weekend nights, with a DJ, smoke machine, and lasers! Crazy cool. I had the cochinita pibil, salpicon, and bistec de res (which was my absolute favorite). Home made corn tortillas are incredible, as are the black beans. I would highly recommend this restaurant.
I've been back twice, got the veggie trio both times. Phenomenal vegetarian (vegan?) option, the vegetables are all seasoned and cooked well, and the pickled onion/cabbage are a great acidic contrast. Be sure to ask for more of the hot salsa.

star star star star star

This place is amazing. I've only been 4 times so far, and have had a different appetizer and different main each time. So far I've really enjoyed everything - love the light flavors and emphasis on citrus. The favorites so far: poc-chuc is amazing, Cochinita Pibil succulent and tender, both delightful. Have started to bring out-of-town guests. The Maya platter was a good sampling, but i'd probably stick with one of the other mains.

star star star star star

Great food, unpretentious, good atmosphere. When I went (Sunday evening) there was a live DJ with lights. It's the most fun I've had in a while, Pepas and reggaeton bumping while eating some really great poc chuc.

The poc chuc plate comes with a lemon-marinated sliced cabbage, grilled onions, a savory veggie bullion rice, black bean puree, and some really fresh made tortillas (not your taqueria's tortillas! We're talking almost a quarter inch thick). And a couple lime wedges and salsa, of course.

Tasty sangria. Not much to say about that other than that it was good, but a little light in portion (contrary to the entree, which was generous in portion).

This place specializes in Yucatecan/Mayan food and a well-studied friend of mine says they have the best mol in town. Take that as you will, but I'll be trying the mole next time. Highly recommended!

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