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    Our cuisine is a delightful Spanish and Mayan (from the Yucatan Peninsula) fusion in a Latin atmosphere.
    We invite you to check out our authentic flavors with the freshest ingredients!
    Come and see why people fall in love with our mouth-watering Yucatan flavors.
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Mayan Food

You have never tasted anything quite like our authentic Mayan food. Experience the unique taste of the Yucatan at our family restaurant.

Lunch Specials

Does your stomach start to grumble around noon? Pay a visit to our Mayan restaurant and see what we have to offer in lunch specials. We're proud of our excellent assortment of menu options.


Nothing goes better with a filling meal than a nice drink. Our bar restaurant is the perfect spot for customers who like to enjoy life with no worries in the world.

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Take Out

Don't feel like dining in? No need to worry because we provide convenient take out options so that you can eat your food when you want it and where you want it. Call Poc-Chuc Restaurant in San Francisco, CA for take out services today!


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Ok so Bear and I were in SF about 3 years ago and we ended up in a fantastic little hole in wall that offered whole fried fish. It was amazing and we never forgot the fish, but we did forget the name of the place.

This time we visited we searched for whole fried fish in the vicinity we knew we were in and we ended up here. At first quite disappointed because the second we stepped in we knew this wasn't the same place, and we had ordered takeout so it was too late to back out. But when we actually tired the food, we realized this it was even better than last time.

I highly recommend this place. The plates are beyond generous and beyond delicious. Plus they have this spicy salad that I have never tasted before. I wouldn't even know what to associate it with. A complete new flavor in my life, so spicy it might kill you, just how I like it.

Will definitely be back. Absolutely recommend this place!

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Came here the other day with a group of 5 (plus a child). This place was so great.

The location is perfect for those who have to drive (IE, families), because it's just far enough from BART to have parking but also close enough to BART to be a nice walk.

I was one of the first folks to come in - walking in, I saw a table of 2 latinos and was immediately feeling like this would be a legit place. Though, during our dining a more diverse mix of folks came in - including a few families. Love that this is a kid-friendly place.

My friends and I have never had "mayan" food specifically, and had an assortment of foods.

Ended up getting both pibils. I was a little concerned because I thought it was the same ingredients. But somehow, the pork and chicken pibil tasted a little different - both in great ways. So good.

Had the poc chok, which was the clear winner of the whole table. Appetizer platter was good, but it's basically one of each app on the menu. Which was good - but sharing was hard. We had to make the tough decision to not share as it would have been a mess.

Plantains are always good.

So the food is solid (we were soo stuffed after), the location is great. What makes this a 5 for me? The family vibe. I watched a young man wearing a school uniform (on a Saturday!?) walk in and directly to the staff person that was there. He immediately kissed her cheek and hugged her, then got behind the counter to help out. O.M.G. DUDE. FAMILY LOVE. The 5 is to encourage YOU, who's reading this, to GO AND TRY THE FOOD. And please support this wonderful family business.

star star star star star

I've walked past this mom n pop shop and wondered about it many times. After finally trying it, I see why they've been able to hold it down in a rapidly changing neighborhood. Spoiler: it's because their food is delicious!

I had the veggie trio ($12), which was essentially an empanada, a tostada, and a sope (they called the sope-like component something else) filled and topped with delicious veggies. Don't be offput by how few veggie options there are, this one is plenty! The sope-like portion of the dish was my favorite, but the whole meal was positively nourishing and delicious.

The tab for four gals to have dinner and drinks (with one not drinking) was about $80 after tax and tip. Which is crazy reasonable for San Francisco. Service was a little slow but I didn't mind one bit. When I say this place is a mom and pop, I literally mean it. There's one man and one woman who take your order, cook your meal, bus your table, etc. It's amazing what the two of them are able to do together by way of quality food. When people ask me where to go in the Mission, 100% this is where I will now recommend!

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